Fwd: More problems with hydrogen

Gavin Thomas Nicol gtn at rbii.com
Mon Dec 1 23:00:36 PST 2003

On Monday 01 December 2003 06:40 pm, Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:
> Hey man, I watch TV, and I'm pretty sure that one of the talking heads
> on one of the educational channels (MTV, IIRC) repeatedly stressed
> that "burning stuff is cool".

FWIW. I wonder why people have such a preoccupation with fossil fuels too. 
Even if you *do* want to "burn stuff", there are lot's of other fuels, from 
alcohol to cooking oil available. Most of those are far more practical than 
hydrogen, and many can be used in largely unmodified vehicles, and produce 
similar amounts of power.

(This reminds me of some motorcyle races I was in years ago, where we used 
Castrol R40 and B353 castor-based oils for the engines because they had 
better high-termperature performance than fossil oils. They had a wonderful 

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