MacQuarium Goes Intel...

Ian Andrew Bell fork at
Tue Dec 2 15:46:43 PST 2003

Sooner or later it had to happen.  Of course, they're not real fish...


detox your inbox.


For the Nature Lover in You...

Plastic fish do appear in nature, don't they?

There's no way to hide the wow factor of this Lian-Li PC case without 
blindfolding everyone in the vicinity. Even the non-geeks who have seen 
this case in action have been compelled to stop and take a look- It's 
that cool.

The PC-6010 case has all the features you'd expect from Lian-Li, 
including solid construction, that sweet-looking brushed aluminum 
finish, as well as drive bays and a motherboard tray which are both 
removable for easy tinkering. You'll also find three 80mm cooling fans, 
and some nifty color-changing LEDs which glow through the ventilation 
holes on the front of the case.

Oh, yeah. And the aquarium kit.

Your six plastic fish will come to life thanks to the included blue 
cathode light and air pump, which together provide a very compelling 
effect. A rear-mounted power switch allows you to turn off the cathode 
light, which may prove to be the only way you can keep your eyes off 
this sweet case.

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