Headaches end 2010, put it on your calendars

Eirikur Hallgrimsson Eirikur at polymathy.org
Tue Dec 2 21:00:20 PST 2003

I am skeptical, but I think the replacement of the nasty fluorescent lights
with LEDs may happen just in time so that the RF pollution eliminated
will not improve the shortwave through longwave reception situation any.
Tuning around with an analog radio in 2010 might mostly get you digital
hash from IBOC on AM/FM and DRM on shortwave.     At least if Ibiquity (in 
the US) and the PRC-Chinese DRM consortium have any say.   The "IBOC is 
perfectly compatible with analog radios" rant is amusing.  Compatibility
doesn't sell hardware.

Hardware stores in 2010 (if U.S. citizens are legally allowed to open 
electrical fixtures) will probably have funky long circuit board things
with surface-mount LEDs....which just happen to snap in to replace
fluorescent bulbs.   Gee, that means that RF interference radiated from the 
ballast will still happen.   Probably minus the ugly spikiness caused by
the flashover in the fluorescent tube itself.

Gee, maybe my 1970's world band radios will survive to have nothing to 
hear, just like the analog tuners for the old low police/public-service 

I'll still be able to listen to Jupiter on 18 Mhz, though.  Planets will 
(probably) remain analog for a while.


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