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 How thorough are the lies? Or is this a hit job by an individual BA press =
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 Pilots Didn't Radio Air Force One, Airline Says
=20   British Airways said yesterday that none of its pilots made contact w=
ith President Bush's plane during its secret flight to Baghdad on Thanksgiv=
ing, contradicting White House reports of a midair exchange that nearly pro=
mpted Bush to call off his trip. Honor Verrier, a spokeswoman for British A=
irways in North America, said two British Airways aircraft were in the area=
 at the time and neither radioed the president's plane to ask if it was Air=
 Force One.
  "We have spoken to the British Airways captains who were in the area at t=
he time and neither made comments to Air Force One nor did they hear any ot=
her aircraft make the statement over the radio," Verrier said.=20
 The White House had no immediate comment on the discrepancy.
 Bush aides recounted last week that a British Airways pilot thought he spo=
tted the president's blue and white Boeing 747 from his cockpit.=20
 "Did I just see Air Force One?" the pilot radioed, according to the White =
 Air Force One responded: "Gulfstream 5" -- a much smaller aircraft.=20
 As one of Bush's aides recounted, the British Airways pilot seemed to sens=
e he was in on a secret, and replied: "Oh."

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