Canada, stereotypes, and the ugly truth?

Christopher Herot cherot at
Wed Dec 3 17:56:50 PST 2003

We could all move to Canada and let all these meanies live with each other in the USA.

For whatever reasons, people in the US are afraid and angry.  Maybe they are angry because they are afraid.  Angry that someone else
will get something without having to work for it.  This has some very strange effects, like a party that claims to be for smaller
government, less regulation and lower taxes, spending our tax money peering into bedrooms to regulate private behavior.

Can anyone explain our government's hysteria about marijuana?  Are they afraid we are all going to become like the Canadians?

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> Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> >  It has yielded a nation composed of many millions of vociferous,
> >  self-righteous, intolerant, and exclusionary people. If you're
> >  allowing that to happen around you, you're part of the problem -- no
> >  matter how tolerant you yourself might be.
> Hmm. So what should I be doing to not let this happen around me?
> I mean, I could try to take W out myself, but my hands shake too much
> to be a good sniper. Plus, we'd just have Cheney in charge.
> Seriously, tell me. What should I be doing to heal America
> and make it more like Canada? (oops, sorry got a little snide there)
>  > And if you vote people
> >  into power, perhaps for other reasons such as lower taxes or better
> >  interest rates, that exemplify this intolerance (as your leader
> >  uncontestedly does) then you only have yourselves to blame.
> But I don't, so, I guess, I don't.
> - Joe

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