MacQuarium Goes Intel...

Wayne Baisley baisley at
Wed Dec 3 20:08:52 PST 2003

> Great writeup.


> Two other details would be interesting...
>  - What was the grand total for all components?

22 Benjamins.  Gory details below.  You could certainly cut that figure down 
by eliminating the Gatesware (not really an option in my case), using regular 
ram instead of ecc like most normal people, using a more modest video card, 
and using a cheaper or already-paid-for monitor.  But heck, that'll only net 
you a month's insurance premium on the Bentley.  ;-)

 >  - How loud is it?

Maybe slightly louder than the other systems in the house, but not much. 
Typical PC noise.  Infinitesimally quieter when it's not thinking hard, 
because the mobo slows down the fans that it controls when the heat load 
drops.  Big whoop.

 > Anyone have any experience with or
 > other providers of x86 desktop systems engineered for quiet
 > operation?

Nope.  I expect we'll get noiseless PCs by the time all our house lamps are 
solid state.  ;-)  That'll be nice, though.


AOpen CD-RW/DVD                                           46.00
Diskette drive                                             6.00
2 Kingston KVR400X72C3A/512 dual-channel ECC             196.00
MSI 6758-020 motherboard                                 178.99
MS 3-button optical mouse                                 12.00
2.8GHz P4 800 FSB HT Retail                              214.00
Case                                                      53.36
Extra case fans and round ATA cables                      37.32
Keytronic glacier gray keyboard                           25.99
I/O Magic 4X DVD+/-RW                                    108.09
All-in-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro Retail                     378.00
WD 120GB drive                                            73.18
Shipping                                                  14.00
Hardware subtotal                                       1342.94

Sony SDM-X73                                             491.04
Hardware subtotal with monitor                          1833.98

XP Pro OEM                                               138.00
Office XP Pro Retail                                     228.01
Software subtotal                                        366.01
Grand total                                             2199.99

No, I wasn't trying to do that.  It just happened.

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