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Dhiren Patel dlists at
Tue Dec 2 11:06:40 PST 2003

My company is hiring a few folks; if interested, please send resumes and inquries my way:






Location: Sunnyvale, California, NYC


Join the Confluent Professional Services Practice to drive the 

development of web services specific consulting offerings and 




                   Duties and Responsibilities: 



--- The Professional Services Engineer is a recognized expert 

    with deep product knowledge, and thoroughly understands customer 

    application of product and best practices.


--- This is a "hands on" position delivering real value to our 

    customers by developing pilot web service implementations at

    customers sites, integrating Confluent products with existing 

    and future customer infrastructures as well as developing 

    “Proof-of-Concept” demonstrations of Confluent’s web services 

    products for potential customers.


--- Provide consulting services to end customers on Confluent's 

    web services products including the development of specific 

    IT infrastructure architecture recommendations. 


--- Assist in the definition and development of consulting 

    solutions in the web services space in both a pre-sales and

    post-sales environment. 


--- Play a key role in "must win" competitive customer sales








--- 4-7 years of IT enterprise architectural experience.


--- In-depth experience with installation and configuration of 

    web-servers (e.g. Apache) and J2EE application-servers 

    (e.g. Weblogic).


--- Hands-on architecture and implementation experience with at

    least one integration infrastructure product (e.g TIBCO, MQ

    webMethods, Netegrity, Oblix, ...). 


--- Understanding of the challenges and techniques for web services

    implementation on application suites (e.g., SAP, Peoplesoft,



--- Strong background in development and use of software 

    development methodologies, particularly in the integration space. 


--- Experienced with customers, customer-oriented projects.


--- Self-motivated, self starter. 


--- Able to: 

     - Quickly assess/propose solutions and workarounds.

     - Manage customer product expectations. 

     - Spot-train and mentor customers/field as needed. 

     - Work independently and to learn new products/markets quickly. 




                      Technical Competencies:



---Have in-depth knowledge of J2EE technologies. 


---Experience with multiple distributed technologies such as web 

   services, JMS, MQ, CORBA, and RMI, as well as legacy technologies. 


---Understand issues relative to scalability, reliability etc. 


---Understand application design at the subsystem level and below. 

   Ideas such as package coupling and cohesion, and how to packaging 

   components for incremental builds and release / maintenance in a 

   production environment. 


---Understand OO methodologies and design practices. 


---Understand issues that cross system boundaries such as exception 

   handling, transactional issues, distributed cache / data coherency, 

   and data representation between different systems.


---Have knowledge of multiple OS platforms, including knowledge of 

   different operating environments from mainframes to UNIX to NT. 


---Be familiar with database, network, java, and platform (h/w and OS) 

   issues on large projects. 




                     Educational Requirements: 



---Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or related field. 


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