quiet computers was: MacQuarium Goes Intel...

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Thu Dec 4 11:51:28 PST 2003

Justin Mason wrote:

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> Joseph S. Barrera III writes:
>>I threw out all our boxes and now we're all using laptops.
>>Four laptops (one for each person) + 1 as the file server
>>with a couple of firewire disks attached for serving music.
>>MUCH quieter. Quiet is good. Plus no more huge lead-filled
> Last time I used a laptop as my main workstation, I found
> myself really peeved about slow disks.   The caches and
> RPM speeds of desktop HDs seem to be a lot better spec'd
> than those in laptops.  How do you find this?

The q was not directed at me but perhaps my bits will be useful... I use a ThinkPad T30 for Java and C 
development. The HD is painfully slow. My old 700Mhz Athlon desktop running Win2k pro boots in half the time 
of the T30. Just forget doing anything productive if a disk i/o intensive task (like Norton AV scan) is 
running in the background.  Using maybe 20GB of a 60GB drive, a NAV scan takes about 5 hours to complete.


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