Subject: Re: Canada, stereotypes, and the ugly truth?

Ian Andrew Bell fork at
Thu Dec 4 20:59:16 PST 2003

It takes ears to give people voices.  People watch Bill O'Reilly's 
show, buy his books, and listen to his drivel.    We can vote with our 
feet by not giving people like him an audience, if we think he's 
ignorant and intolerant.  We can also vote (literally), influence 
others to vote, and work actively to support politicians whose ideals 
we believe in -- and I don't mean with money, though clearly in the US 
this is a major lever.

It ain't called participatory democracy for nothing.  There's not much 
that's participatory about less than 50% of a populace hitting the 
polling booths.  Fixing that, which probably means reforming the 
electoral college, is a start.

In short, I think that democracy in the US is very very ill.


On 4-Dec-03, at 3:10 PM, bitbitch at wrote:

> Ian Sez:
> It has yielded a nation composed of many millions of vociferous,
> self-righteous, intolerant, and exclusionary people.  If you're
> allowing that to happen around you, you're part of the problem -- no
> matter how tolerant you yourself might be.
> -----------
> Ian:  Er.  If I read you right, you're bitching about intolerance and 
> yet telling everyone to be intolerant of the intolerant.  Um.  Now, 
> last time I checked, isn't the whole way to combat this shit with more 
> of it, from different p.o.v.'s instead of just not tolerating the 
> folks who feel like acting all vociferous and self-righteous?  How is 
> your way a net good again?  Moreso, how does that make Canada (if they 
> practice that logic) better?

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