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>Pardon my doubting Thomas nature.  Can anyone confirm this.  I have no
>doubt that the current gov't of the US might pull something like this
>and, unfortunately, I can figure out the reasons why the ACS might bow
>to the demand.  However, this would truly be a black mark against ACS.
>Pete Gannett

This was published November 24 in Chemical and Engineering News:

ACS imposes moratorium on some foreign papers

The American Chemical Society has imposed a moratorium on publishing
journal articles that are written by authors in Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya,
or Sudan. Robert D. Bovenschulte, president of the society's
Publications Division, writes in a memorandum to ACS journal editors
that "this action, which I hope will be temporary," has been taken "with
great reluctance." The moratorium follows a ruling by the Treasury
Department, whose Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) "advised that
papers from these nations may be published but only if no editorial
services are provided," Bovenschulte writes. Such services could be
deemed to violate U.S. trade sanctions against the countries. The
Treasury Department ruling was prompted by actions of the Institute of
Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which is attempting to obtain
a license from OFAC that will allow IEEE to edit articles by authors in
the affected countries. If IEEE, which Bovenschulte notes has "taken the
lead with the government on this problem," can obtain such a license,
"ACS can then use that precedent to make the same case to OFAC and so
obtain our own license."


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