Orange and Rosy

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Sun Dec 7 13:38:46 PST 2003

Geege wrote:
> scanning .... scanning .... objective source search .... scanning ....
> scanning ....

You are trying to say the polling methods used
are inaccurate because they aren't objective?  Polls
are trailing indicators, not leading.  Unless you
ask completely leading and biased questions or take
very poor samples, the objectivity of the source
has nothing to do with the personal opinions of the
sample.  There's very few people in the world
that use a single news source to form their opinions.
If you are trying to take a pot shot at the OC
Register, then you are confusing the messenger with
the message.  They are just reprinting the story
and it's the best copy I could find online. 

I guess you aren't familiar with the PPIC or the PPIC Orange
County Survey, the Chapman University Economic
Forecast, nor the pan-national economic
impact of south America, Pacific Rim, and
far and near Asia on the local economy and
the Pacific Stock Exchange.   


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