no-bid contracts: bad

Owen Byrne owen at
Wed Dec 10 08:08:25 PST 2003

Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:

>GG quoted Eric Umansky:
>>[...]  Most of the papers mention that Wolfowitz's memo is available
>>on a Pentagon Web site. But none of them actually link to it.
>It's on at:
>Obviously it is in the essential security interests of the U.S. to
>prevent Canada from being involved in Iraqi reconstruction at a high
>level.  But hey, take the $200M or $300M that they've put up so far.
>Same from France and Germany, but take the $1.3B that the E.U. has
>provided.  And Russia, but demand that they forgive debts.  Etc.
>And China.  OK, at least that makes some kind of sense.
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The headline on cnn this morning was pretty cool.
"Bush hails China as partner in Tyranny"

OOOPs - it was Diplomacy. I guess I misread it.

And Krugman had a real laugher in his last column (Mr. Hettinga was right!):

"Then there's international trade policy. Here's how the steel story 
looks from Europe: the administration imposed an illegal tariff for 
domestic political reasons, then changed its mind when threatened with 
retaliatory tariffs focused on likely swing states. So the U.S. has 
squandered its credibility: it is now seen as a nation that honors 
promises only when it's politically convenient."

Sorry, folks, but in international trade, your credibility is long gone. 
Illegal tariff imposed by the US? Must be another election coming up.


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