Cell phone carriers

Marco Orlandi orlandi.marco at libero.it
Mon Dec 15 09:28:06 PST 2003

Hi mike,

I'm working on a project which involves the use of Cell Phones for user
identification when logging on to a website, i's a webservice taht uses GSM
phones caller-id to identify users  (more at www.saintlogin.com )

I have a question for you, are you using GSM carriers in the bay area ? Can
you tell me (approximately) what percentage of people uses GSM phones in
your area ?

I know that GSM technology was not so diffused in U.S. in older times but
maybe now it's spreading, I'd like to know what communication standard is
mostly available...

I'm in Europe-Italy and from several years we don't have problems of
coverage-gaps with GSM . Here full coverage is available -almost-
everywhere, and Italy is covered up to 98% from 4 carriers at present
days... Automatic roaming helps much in full coverage

Thanks for help


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> At 08:34 AM 12/15/2003 -0800, Elias Sinderson wrote:
> >I'm looking to switch carriers (and take my phone number with me).
> >top choices are either T-Mobile or Sprint - anyone have experience with
> >these carriers that they can share? I live in the Bay Area and good
> >coverage is important...
> I currently use both in the Bay Area and am very happy with Sprint, but
> so happy with T-Mobile.  I know that Sprint seems to have a very bad
> reputation, but I've used them here for five and a half years and honestly
> can't complain.  The coverage is fine, and I haven't had any problems to
> speak of.  T-Mobile has had weak coverage in my experience - though, this
> may be a function of the phone.
> As for switching, though, the carriers still don't have the kinks worked
> out if you're planning to port your number.  I'd wait a little longer to
> make sure it goes without a hitch.
> Mike
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