The 10 Regions of US Politics

Dave Long dl at
Mon Dec 15 10:19:43 PST 2003

>                     There are urban areas of a *few hundred thousand* in the
> desert west that are invisible on the above map because of the counties they
> are situated in.

A few hundred thousand is too crowded for
my tastes, but does it count as urban?

As someone who remembers what used to be in
415 and 213, I tend to base my population
estimates on "how many area code splits?"*

Sagebrush doesn't look too urban along that
dimension: Phoenix is the only clear major
metro area, with honorable mention for SLC.

Taking a rough eyeball of area codes gives:

Great Lakes		22
Appalachia		23
Sagebrush		23
Northeast Corridor	26
Big River		27
Upper Coasts		33
El Norte		33
Southern Comfort	34
Farm Belt		35
Southern Lowlands	36


:: :: ::

* <>

NM and TX seem to be the major exceptions
to the rule of thumb that people who live
in one area code and work/shop/have friends
in different area codes are more likely to
have voted for Gore in 2000:


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