"American voters increasingly split along religious lines"

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Tue Dec 16 21:23:37 PST 2003

On 12/16/03 5:37 AM, "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> It sounds attractive, except for one thing: no
> coast. When I next move, it's going to be to
> someplace on the coast, warm enough that
> I don't have to haul the boat in the winter.

Sadly, there is no perfect place that I have found and places with various
desirable qualities are scattered hither and yon around the globe.

The situation being what it is, I have taken the opposite tack and have been
working on multi-homing my life (the lady as well).  Technology is
increasingly such that not having physical roots is increasingly viable.  If
aspects of the local environment don't cut it for whatever floats your boat
at the moment, move to one that does as is convenient to your requirements.

Eventually, I want to effectively live nowhere, with small footholds in a
half dozen places around the globe.  It does require some capital to do well

J. Andrew Rogers (andrew at ceruleansystems.com)

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