Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Wed Dec 17 16:15:06 PST 2003

Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:

>I think FoRK should engage in a flame-war about how Wright & Wright
>single-handledly invented heavier-than-air flight 100 years ago, or didn't.
>I haven't even googled on the topic in the last year or thereabouts
>and promise not to do so to make it more interesting!  Nevertheless,
>my weapons are sharpened (sort of).

Wright & Wright were lesbian lovers. *THAT* is the truth that needs to 
be exposed.

- Joe

P.S. I thought the pterodactyls invented heavier-than-air flight,
MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. And they are still with us!


P.S. The century anniversary of the Wright Bro^H^H^HSisters is *next* year.
You are forgetting that there is no year 0.

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