Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Dec 18 11:41:58 PST 2003

Some fine Wright-bashing here, regarding their litigious antics:


  The Wright brothers' first priority was to patent their airplane, and 
  they duly received their patent in 1904. It didn't just cover their 
  specific design, but the whole concept of three-axis control - being 
  able to independently steer the aircraft in pitch, roll, and yaw - 
  that was critical to powered flight. This patent became a mighty 
  weapon that the Wright brothers used for the next thirteen years to 
  sue the bejesus out of anyone else who tried to fly an airplane.

  It may not have been a problem if the Wrights themselves kept working 
  on aircraft design, or if the original flyer had been good enough to 
  license. But neither was the case - the Wrights became so consumed 
  with their lawsuits that they had no time or energy left for further 
  work, essentially becoming the SCO of the early aviation age. And 
  their airplane design, while innovative, was mostly innovative in the 
  wrong ways.

boo to the Wright bros!


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