anyone know anything about SecuritySage/RHSBL?

Mike Masnick mike at
Thu Dec 18 17:56:43 PST 2003

Here's one for the FoRK crew.  Anyone know anything about these folks and 
how I can contact them?  Apparently, Techdirt's getting blackholed for 
spamming.  Of course, we don't spam.  We *write about* spam all the time - 
which puts us in the bullseye of spammers.  My only guess is that we got 
spoofed or something by an angry spammer, but that shouldn't get us put on 
a blackhole list.

I've tried to contact them to no luck (so far), so if anyone in FoRKland 
knows the folks behind this particular BL and can point me in the right 
direction, that would be cool.  I'm assuming it's a simple misunderstanding 
(and it's nice that at least they send out the warning message below, 
unlike some other blackholes) but I'd like to get it cleared up.


>Subject: Your domain has been submitted to our blacklist
>Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 05:40:47 -0500 (EST)
>Good day,
>Please note that this is an automated message, but emails to the return 
>address of support at will be read by one of our support 
>representatives. If you find that you are unable to reach someone from 
>your email address (our filters identify you as a spammer), then please 
>try contacting us using an alternate address.
>A number of requests have been made and/or spam emails have been submitted 
>as evidence such that we are now considering the addition of your domain 
>to our RHSBL email block list. In order to prevent your domain from being 
>added to the block list, please respond to this email with the following 
>information within 3 days:
>1. The nature of your business (private or public company, internet 
>provider, vanity domain, etc)
>2. A statement or link about your spam policy
>3. Confirmation of where to send spam reports related to your domain / server
>Information about our RHSBL can be found at 
>Thank you,
>SecuritySage Support

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