Useless commercials.

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Tue Dec 23 05:08:14 PST 2003

"swiffers kill" will be my next bumper sticker.

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> You know you're getting old when songs you used to slam dance to start
> appearing in kid's movies and car commercials.

You were sold the revolution in 1982... now you need to go down to 
Safeway and buy yourself a non-bio-degradeable chemically-treated 
cloth-based mopping system.  This is your next step on the path to a 
perpetual postmodern consumer ennui.

Hey, if slam-dancing was bringing in the chicks back then, imagine what 
a swiffer wet-mop could do for you now?



PS - Whatever happened to a sponge, a bucket of water with soap, and 
elbow grease?  Are we REALLY that lazy?

PPS - Maybe if we all still mopped, the US healthcare system wouldn't 
be spending hundreds of millions upgrading the girth and strength of 
its equipment to contend with the growing hordes of obese people 
Americans, pegged at 35 million?

detox your inbox.

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