Moo (with anger)

Adam L Beberg beberg at
Wed Dec 24 02:37:33 PST 2003

Well, somehow someone screwed up royally and word got out about a mad 

Word is some teenagers "tipped"[1] the cow, pissing it off most royally.

This after many years of biologists yelling at the top of their "if we 
talk the texans will kill us look what happened to Oprah" lungs about 
how mad cow has been pandemic both in cows and Americans for over a 

Prions don't just go away, barring tossing the Earth into the sun... 
we're stuck with them until we can engineer a protein to calm the cows.

- Adam L. Beberg - beberg at

[1] don't try this at home, odds are the cow will die, 4 stomachs and 

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