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What's so conpiratorial about that?  The Bin Laden
family has multiple brothers and sisters.  Osama
is the black sheep and has been cut off and disowned
by the family years before the Saudi attack and
was actually expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991.   Their
collective father (he's the 17th son) founded one of
Saudi Arabia's premier construction companies which
is the source of the Bin Laden fortune.

There's a good summary of all this at:

Kind of makes their conspiracy theory as not so conspiratorial
once you have all the facts.  Other than having the name
recognition and response, not much in common.


Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> It begins in the 1970's in Houston, Texas, when George W. Bush was just 
> starting out in his family's two businesses of politics and oil. The 
> powerful - and very rich - Bin Laden family helped fund his first 
> venture into oil.
> The cozy friendship continued for decades. After a terrorist attack at a 
> barracks in Saudi Arabia which killed 19 Americans, the bin Laden family 
> received a multi-billion dollar contract to re-build. And incredibly, 
> George Bush Sr. was in a business meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 
> Washington on the morning of September 11th with one of Osama Bin 
> Laden's brothers.
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