I think I'm going to puke...

Ian Andrew Bell fork at ianbell.com
Sat Dec 27 11:04:37 PST 2003

This is a major gaff in the campaign, though.  Good strategy to take 
the religious card off the table for the republicans to use in 
attacking him, but BAD (very bad) strategy to make this shift in 
strategy appear as though it's a conscious decision.  Sure, skeptical 
newspapers will accuse him of this but it's a very different thing when 
he says in an interview that he's "positioning" himself on the Christ 

It's like a used car salesman telling you he's going to be talking to 
you a lot about the tires, not the engine, because he's not so 
confident in the engine.  Would you buy the car?

I haven't seen a democratic candidate yet who doesn't have his/her head 
fully inserted in their respective rectums.  You're all stuck with 
another four years of the Bush junta.

You'll be lucky if you still have a country left.


On 27-Dec-03, at 10:03 AM, Lucas Gonze wrote:

> I'm not saying it's not true, I'm saying that it's a pointless angle.  
> Who cares if Dean emphasizes religion in more-religious states?  Is 
> there a candidate who doesn't?  There's no story there.

>> Seeking a new emphasis, Dean touts his Christianity
>> Southern campaign plans to increase religious references
>> By Sarah Schweitzer, Globe Staff, 12/25/2003
>> MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Presidential contender Howard B. Dean, who has 
>> said little about religion while campaigning except to emphasize the 
>> separation of church and state, described himself in an interview 
>> with the Globe as a committed believer in Jesus Christ and said he 
>> expects to increasingly include references to Jesus and God in his 
>> speeches as he stumps in the South.

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