Aliens Cause Global Warming

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>Aliens Cause Global Warming
>A lecture by Michael Crichton
>Caltech Michelin Lecture
>January 17, 2003

Wow, a long FoRKpost that I actually read all of... must have been good!

Concerning Lomborg, I got his book a few days ago in Dublin.  It's
basically a big compendium of statistics and graphs with commentary on
how the facts don't appear to support the loony-green screed du jour
(yet it actually doesn't recommend killing all the whales or pouring
nitric acid into baby milk - gasp!).  Hard to fault it unless the
numbers are all made up, although he has extensive notes and
references (no, I didn't check them; therefore the numbers must all be
made up).

As well as the smacking down that Lomborg + book got in Scientific
American and elsewhere as mentioned in Crichtons' lecture, he also got
official-ish-ly accused of "scientific dishonesty" by some Danish
committee, but then recently the committee got bashed for its
scurrilous "findings":

A reprieve for free speech
Dec 18th 2003
>From The Economist print edition

The scourge of the greens wins a round

NEW developments to report in the saga of Bjorn Lomborg and
"scientific dishonesty". Dr Lomborg, currently the director of
Denmark's Environmental Assessment Institute, is the author of "The
Skeptical Environmentalist", a global bestseller that embarrassed
green groups by documenting their systematic exaggeration of the
Earth's environmental problems. Furious environmentalists brought a
complaint about the book before a body called the Danish Committees on
Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD), which, as we reported on January 11th of
this year, found that: "Objectively speaking, the publication of the
work under consideration [Dr Lomborg's book] is deemed to fall within
the concept of scientific dishonesty."

This finding, and the total absence of evidence or argument to support
it, struck many as bizarre. Having read the DCSD's report, we
ourselves concluded, "The panel's ruling - objectively speaking - is
incompetent and shameful."

On December 17th, Denmark's Ministry of Science, Technology and
Innovation published its own response to the DCSD's finding. It is
more politely expressed than ours, but comes to much the same
conclusion. The ruling is thrown back to the DCSD with instructions to
think again. [etc.]


Lomborg cleared
Published: December 18 2003 4:00 | Last Updated: December 18 2003 4:00

How can they have been so stupid? In a nutshell, this was yesterday's
official verdict on the Danish committees on scientific dishonesty.

With imperious hauteur the committees had ruled in January that Bjorn
Lomborg's book The Skeptical Environmentalist was "objectively
speaking . . . scientific dishonesty". Purely based on the evidence of
articles in the magazine Scientific American, the Danish environmental
optimist became the scientific equivalent of a flat-earther and the
cause of an almighty dispute about the science behind global
warming. "The publication is deemed clearly contrary to the standards
of good scientific practice," the ruling added.

Yesterday it was damningly overturned by the Danish Ministry of
Science, which found that the committees had not discovered any bias
in Mr Lomborg's choice of data and that criticism of his working
methods was "completely void of argumentation". The criticisms
continue. The committees used sloppy and emotive language that -
perhaps deliberately - obscured the fact that they had in fact cleared
Mr Lomborg of gross negligence and an intent to deceive. [etc.]

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