Aliens Cause Global Warming

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Mon Jan 5 16:44:31 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 19:20, Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:
> RAH quoted:
> >Aliens Cause Global Warming
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> >A lecture by Michael Crichton
> >Caltech Michelin Lecture
> >January 17, 2003
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> >[...]
> Wow, a long FoRKpost that I actually read all of... must have been good!
> Concerning Lomborg, I got his book a few days ago in Dublin.  It's
> basically a big compendium of statistics and graphs with commentary on
> how the facts don't appear to support the loony-green screed du jour
> (yet it actually doesn't recommend killing all the whales or pouring
> nitric acid into baby milk - gasp!).  Hard to fault it unless the
> numbers are all made up, although he has extensive notes and
> references (no, I didn't check them; therefore the numbers must all be
> made up).
> As well as the smacking down that Lomborg + book got in Scientific
> American and elsewhere as mentioned in Crichtons' lecture, he also got
> official-ish-ly accused of "scientific dishonesty" by some Danish
> committee, but then recently the committee got bashed for its
> scurrilous "findings":

If you actually read the criticisms of the committee's findings, which
it is not entirely clear the Economist did, the criticisms were mainly
of the committee's process (which I do agree seemed... a bit
witch-hunty), not of the committee's findings. The findings are hard to
argue with- were I a prof, I'd fail any second-year student in the hard
sciences who makes some of the terrible mistakes he does with
extrapolation and sampling. To call Lumborg 'science' is an insult to
decent scientists anywhere.


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