Aliens Cause Global Warming

Jim Whitehead ejw at
Mon Jan 5 17:19:45 PST 2004

While SETI may have a strong core of belief that causes people to work
towards the goal of detecting ET communication, it does have a very concrete
test for success -- either you detect ET communication, or you don't, over a
given time span. While lack of evidence over a given time span doesn't mean
there are no communicating ETs, it does tell you something about the
relative frequency of communicating ETs in our general neighborhood.
Similarly, if you had started listening, and heard something right away,
this would be a quite dramatic discovery. Sounds like science to me.

Radio telescopes were considered pretty fringe activities in the early part
of this century -- some experimenters with strong belief continued to work
on the problem despite the skepticism. Good thing they did.

- Jim

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