origin of 'we're doomed!' Better id ads, please.

Steve Nordquist signa at birch.net
Tue Jan 6 00:43:43 PST 2004

> some character, somewhere in the mists of time, started the
> catchphrase 'we're doomed!', spoken in a despairing/resigned
> basso a la eeyore.  it has been featured in all sorts of places,
> like reboot! and c-3po's utterances, but i'm trying to find ou
> who/what started it.

Sounds like you're searching for an emminence in the epoch in
which the catchphrase became couchable as you wish.
Determinism might have a few claimants; Marx, Kant, dsbl.org,
the Jain, NC =/= (NC).

It follows so organically after the concept of we,  it's possible to make
an assay for it, if not an antibody guaranteeing that a baby
will never have a negative partisan thought.  Still, apoptosis didn't
produce bodies with opportunistic organs..just pathways for
saying "no biggie, but I'll be functionally gone a bit" that pain.
Why don't HMI take better advantage of all these signalling
groups?  If they're going to make vietnam sims, dammit....

    How about in theatre, pick an epoch;
anything with appeasing gods or tips primer parte to the
business plan.  Zarathustra (but I'm partial to _Punch!_ and
remember _Anne of Green Gables_ being older fiction than
I thought, though surely not 1580's stuff, and -that- was
later than both Joan of Arc and any Catholic doctrines that
demanded doom.)

DOM3.  Catch it!

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