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Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
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If you're going to post a nekkid URL, you might
as well have posted instead.

Child's Pay.  Up until 1995 when the budget was
usurped, there was no hope in hell of ever balancing the
budget.  It took a radical house of congress dragging and kicking
the whole government to accept it and until last year
when all of congress thought they had free reign to
spend a (fictitious) projected surplus on their pet projects, we had
an unprecedented series of near balanced ones.  This one reminds me
of "Lead or Leave".   Adam's page shows a nice quote
from former NBA star, former New Jersey Senator, former
presidential candiate, and now Dean supporter, Bill Bradley.
"Democracy is not a spectator sport".

> December 9, 1994. Today I turned 25, and purchased Revolution X by Rob Nelson and Jon Cowan, co-founders of Lead... or Leave. I decided to make this Web page to do my part. We start with the 13 Challenges for the 13th Generation from Revolution X (see that book for comprehensive strategies toward these challenges):
>    1. Create Good Jobs.
>    2. Protect the Planet.
>    3. Control Crime.
>    4. Prevent AIDS.
>    5. Reinvent Social Security.
>    6. Design a Post-Cold War Military.
>    7. Make Education Affordable.
>    8. Give Equal Rights to Gays.
>    9. Help End Homelessness.
>   10. Guarantee Freedom of Choice.
>   11. Trim America's Budget.
>   12. Win Affordable Health Care.
>   13. Reform Our Politics. 

"In my Country" makes a good point.  It reminds me of that
one where the Yugoslavian basketball player comes to
play for the Lakers and talks about how he's shot at every night,
there's fires, riots, gets beat up by the police, bombings
and he sure wishes he could go back home to Yugoslavia where
it's safe instead of Los Angeles.

"Polygraph" is kind of ridiculous.  All 3 statements that
are on the polygraph have been prepeated 1-5 years earlier
by previous administrations and well documented in official
and unofficial speeches by Clinton, Albright, Foley, McCurry,
and Berger.  Either the author is 16 and flunked history or
is selectively self-biased.

Ooops...all I have time to review....


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