Billionaires For Bush..

Lucas Gonze lgonze at
Tue Jan 6 15:39:38 PST 2004

On Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004, at 18:24 America/New_York, Bill Humphries 
> Boy, that 'controversy' about the Bush=NaziThug ads just proves 
> conservatives and christians are extremely thin skinned.

Naw, the pattern is to run against criticism in general, not any one 
criticism in particular.  They're trying to establish the idea that 
attacking the president is wrong in principle.  This Bush=NaziThug 
thing is about finding a particular bit of criticism that voters might 
accept was over the line, so that the concept of something being over 
over the line becomes viable.

Subscribe to the RNC spam list and you'll get something every couple of 
days about one criticism or another being a scurrilous attack on the 
Commander-in-chief of this great nation in a time of war yadda yadda.

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