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You know - I've been to Iowa. I'm 99% sure I drank a latte there. ;-)

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> Conservatives launch TV attack ad on Dean
> By Ralph Z. Hallow
> A conservative advocacy group will begin running a TV ad in Iowa 
> against Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, in a move 
> questioned by some of President Bush's supporters.
> The Club for Growth Political Action Committee said the 30-second spot 
> against the former Vermont governor will begin running in Des Moines 
> today — two weeks before the Iowa Democratic caucuses.
> In the ad, a farmer says he thinks that "Howard Dean should take his 
> tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, 
> Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading ..." before the farmer's wife 
> then finishes the sentence: "... Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak 
> show back to Vermont, where it belongs."
> The anti-Dean ads puzzled some of Mr. Bush's strategists and 
> supporters, who see Mr. Dean as the most beatable of the major 
> Democratic hopefuls.
> "The prevailing wisdom is that Bush can beat Dean hands down," said 
> longtime Republican consultant Rod Smith. "So why would the Club for 
> Growth or anyone else on our side be attacking him now? That doesn't 
> make any sense to me at all."
> Republican strategist Alan Hoffenblum said the Club for Growth should 
> heed the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater's admonition: "Never 
> interfere with your opponents when they are in the middle of 
> destroying themselves."
> The club has promoted Republican candidates who espoused fiscal 
> conservatism. But the group also roundly has criticized Mr. Bush and 
> the Republican Congress for recently enacted legislation federally 
> subsidizing prescription drugs for the elderly and other examples of 
> what it regards as spending excesses.
> "We are a group trying to promote good policy for the nation, not to 
> help George Bush," Club for Growth President Stephen Moore said in an 
> interview.
> Mr. Moore is not shy about stating his view of Mr. Dean: "For the last 
> year, he has moved further and further to the left and admitted he 
> would repeal the Bush tax cuts, which jump-started the economy. For 
> that reason alone, Dean poses a grave threat to the economic 
> well-being of all Americans."
> Mr. Moore defended the ad campaign by saying that the "left-wing 
> takeover of the Democratic party by Dean and his supporters is not a 
> good thing for sound policy-making, even though it is a good thing for 
> Republicans, because it makes it easier for them to win elections," he 
> said.
> Mr. Dean is "hopelessly out of step with the rest of America." Mr. 
> Moore said.
> The Club for Growth PAC plans to spend a relatively modest $100,000 
> initially on its Iowa anti-Dean campaign ads.
> The Club for Growth was founded in 1999 to elect what it calls 
> "pro-economic growth fiscal conservatives." Mr. Moore said the club 
> and its members raised or donated more than $10 million to help elect 
> 17 new members to Congress in the 2002 election cycle.
> Mr. Moore said his PAC will announce next week a $4 million campaign 
> to counter the expected, massive ad campaign by what he calls 
> "left-wing groups" largely funded by liberal activists and businessmen 
> such as George Soros and Peter Lewis. 

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