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Tue Jan 6 16:59:35 PST 2004

On Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004, at 19:07 America/New_York, Gregory Alan Bolcer 
> Yes, in fact you could view both commercials off of a
> Drudge link to the site up until recently.  If
> they were so pissed about it, why did they archive it
> for public viewing other than they thought they could
> win some public support?

To demonize the act of being in opposition by highlighting critical 
speech that can be spun as extremist.

- Lucas

>> On Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004, at 18:24 America/New_York, Bill Humphries 
>> wrote:
>>> Boy, that 'controversy' about the Bush=NaziThug ads just proves 
>>> conservatives and christians are extremely thin skinned.
>> Naw, the pattern is to run against criticism in general, not any one 
>> criticism in particular.  They're trying to establish the idea that 
>> attacking the president is wrong in principle.  This Bush=NaziThug 
>> thing is about finding a particular bit of criticism that voters 
>> might accept was over the line, so that the concept of something 
>> being over over the line becomes viable.
>> Subscribe to the RNC spam list and you'll get something every couple 
>> of days about one criticism or another being a scurrilous attack on 
>> the Commander-in-chief of this great nation in a time of war yadda 
>> yadda.
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