Billionaires For Bush..

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i'm just the weathervane, gordon, not the wind.

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Geege wrote:
> as ann "hate becomes her" coulter has smears all anti-liberal criticism?
> like rush "what vast right wing conspiracy?" limbaugh smears his assholic
> schtick?  all i see are right wing apologists and not one right wing
> apology.

Individuals who deserve to take the hits for their specific instances
of overheated rhetoric. As does MoveOn.

> why not just congratulate us for taking a page from your playbook and
> improving on it.

If you think those ads were effective rhetoric, please, by all means,
distribute and promote them up through the November polling. It's become
a little too hot for the RNC to handle, it's nice for footsoldiers
like yourself to keep the flames alive.

- Gordon

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