Billionaires For Bush..

Lucas Gonze lgonze at
Wed Jan 7 06:44:42 PST 2004

On Wednesday, Jan 7, 2004, at 00:46 America/New_York, Gordon Mohr wrote:
> All sides take the most extreme and unhinged speech from
> other sides, and then portray it as representative.

Everybody criticizes their critics.  Not everybody criticizes their 
critics for the act of criticism, not all governments claim that the 
government should be beyond reproach.

> In this case, the hit against MoveOn is deserved. They're
> a big time force now, with their years of electronic
> activism, AfterDark seed money, and now backing from Soros
> and others. If they carelessly wander outside the
> recognized bounds of mainstream discourse, that should
> be highlighted.

MoveOn had a contest.  The group posted the entries to their web site, 
per the contest rules.  There were more than 1,500 entries.  One of the 
entries was portrayed by the other side as outside the bounds of 
mainstream discourse.  It may well have been put in a way that wasn't 
extreme or unhinged; the only thing most people know about it is that  
the Bush campaign claims it is.

What about the submission itself?  Was it extreme or unhinged?  I 
haven't seen it, all I know is that it made an allusion to the rise of 
the Nazis in the 1930s.  Since the Bush administration has a flair for 
authoritarianism and for international provocation, that's a good 
comparison to make.

> It's even for their own good. This visceral Bush-hating
> and hyperbole plays well to the already converted, and
> animates the MoveOn activist core, but is distasteful to
> the people the Dems need to succeed nationally.

Psht.  Common wisdom among Washington correspondents doesn't make it 
so.  It's just as likely that voters want to see a vigorous fight 
between people who mean what they say.

> They should
> be happy they screwed up, and took the criticism, now --
> rather than in the waning days of a campaign, where their
> poor taste could smear all anti-Bush criticism.
> If they repeat the error, they'll have no one to blame
> but themselves.

The idea that there was an error is the spin.


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