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Lucas Gonze wrote:

> On Wednesday, Jan 7, 2004, at 00:46 America/New_York, Gordon Mohr wrote:
>> All sides take the most extreme and unhinged speech from
>> other sides, and then portray it as representative.
Comparing a Republican to Hitler is evil. Comparing a democrat to Hitler 
(Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Satan, Sauron...) is routine.

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> /January 5, 2004/ -- IT'S fashionable in left- wing circles to 
> describe anyone who admires America as a fascist. But the real 
> totalitarian threats of our time come from the left. And no public 
> figure embodies the left's contempt for basic freedoms more perfectly 
> than Howard Dean.
> One secular gospel of the left preaches that the Patriot Act has 
> drastically curtailed American freedom. Free speech, the teacup 
> Trotskys claim, is a thing of the past.
> Whenever one of my forlorn leftie pals raises the issue, I ask him or 
> her to cite a single example of how the Patriot Act has limited their 
> personal liberty. They never can. Instead, they rail about what-ifs 
> and slippery slopes.
> But Howard Dean and his Deanie-weenies do all they can to restrict the 
> free speech of others. I can predict with certainty that Dean's 
> Internet Gestapo will pounce on this column, twisting the facts and 
> vilifying the writer, just as they do when anyone challenges Howard 
> the Coward.
> Free speech, you see, is only for the left.
> Dean wants to muzzle his Democratic competitors, too. He believes the 
> Democratic National Committee should shut them up. His followers try 
> to intimidate other presidential aspirants by surrounding the cars 
> delivering them to their rallies and chanting to drown out their 
> speech. Of course, Dean denies any foreknowledge or blame.
> These are the techniques employed by Hitler's Brownshirts. Had 
> Goebbels enjoyed access to the internet, he would have used the same 
> swarm tactics as Dean's Flannelshirts.
> Then there are Dean's endless "Big Lies": Liberating 25 million Iraqis 
> was "wrong." Saddam's capture doesn't make any difference. Osama bin 
> Laden should be presumed innocent, despite his own admission of 
> responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. Bush knew in advance about the 
> 9/11 attacks. The Global War on Terror is a failure. The economy's a 
> disaster. And the administration is hiding terrible secrets.
> Paranoids and conspiracy theorists rejoice! You finally have a 
> candidate of your own.
> Of course, when Dean seals his gubernatorial records so Americans 
> can't examine his own back-room deals, /that's/ perfectly legitimate.
> In Dean's alternate reality, everything the Bush administration has 
> done and might do is a failure, no matter the facts. The president's 
> even responsible for Mad Cow Disease. It's Goebbels again: Just keep 
> repeating the lies until the lies assume the force of truth.
> I met Dean a few times while taping a TV panel show in Montreal. The 
> first time I saw him, chattering on a monitor, I had no idea who he 
> was. I assumed he was some small-time politician on the hustle, 
> Babbitt at the ballot box.
> I was stunned to learn he was (then) the governor of one of our 50 
> states - even if the state was the People's Republic of Vermont.
> After a few tapings, I declined to continue doing the show. It was a 
> waste of time to travel so far just to spend all the air-time politely 
> explaining why Dean's comments on foreign policy bore no relation to 
> the reality I'd seen with my own eyes.
> Dean was already practicing the Big Lie. Montreal was just a stop on 
> his journey from Munich to Berlin. He was already looking around for 
> his Leni Riefenstahl.
> /Listen/ to Dean's rhetoric, especially on security and international 
> issues. He never offers specifics; it's all hocus-pocus. /He/ knows 
> how best to deal with terrorists. We voters from the humble /Volk 
> /need to take it on trust. /He/ understands how to employ our military 
> more effectively - despite dodging the draft during the Vietnam War.
> Dean's going to improve our intelligence system, too. How? If pressed, 
> he may go so far as to mention HUMINT - a term he doesn't understand - 
> or the need for more Arabic speakers. Great, /Herr/ Howie. We agree. 
> But /how/ does he intend to develop our human intelligence capabilities?
> Which presidential directives and findings would he rescind or issue? 
> Precisely what would he do that isn't being done?
> He has no answers. None.
> As for the need for more linguists, how would he recruit them, then 
> train and retain them? Does he intend to reinstate the draft?
> Dean /never/ deals in specifics on security issues. Because he doesn't 
> /know/ the specifics. It's all Big Brother Doublespeak.
> Perhaps it would be easier for those on the left to grasp this 
> column's arguments if we cast the drama with characters closer to 
> their hearts.
> Dean began his campaign as an uncompromising Lenin. Now that his 
> Bolsheviks have been organized, he's trying to pose as Gorbachev for 
> the masses. But for anyone who pays attention to what this 
> power-hungry huckster says and does, he comes off as a down-market 
> Brezhnev.
> Of course, I don't really see Howard Dean as a potential dictator - 
> just another hollow man soiling the halls of power. And this is 
> America. Our system is far stronger than any individual. Besides, even 
> the vilest dictators have a vision of something greater than 
> themselves. Howard Dean has nothing beyond ambition.
> And a shameless disregard for the First Amendment.
> /Ralph Peters is a retired Army intelligence officer and the author of 
> "Beyond Baghdad."/

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