Howard Dean's Lies

Ian Andrew Bell fork at
Wed Jan 7 09:31:01 PST 2004

I love this:  Big Lies?

- Osama Bin Laden should be presumed innocent

Allowing for the author's penchant for hyperbole, isn't the concept of  
"Innocent until proven guilty" a fundamental tenet of the US  
Constitution?  All Howard Dean has said is that Osama Bin Laden should  
be put on trial.  What on earth could be unreasonable about that?

- Liberating 25 million Iraqis was wrong

Um, okay... how "liberated" do Iraqis feel today, 8 months after the  
war supposedly ended?  I think they feel as though they've shed one  
feudal lord for another.  They've replaced a native-born dictator with  
an unelected governing council and an American administrator.   Nice  
work, guys.

- Saddam's capture doesn't make any difference

Oh, so is the conflict suddenly ended now that he's captured?  I still  
see a lot of death and destruction over there.

- Bush knew in advance about the Sept. 11 attacks

Well, this has pretty-much been rationalized now.

- The Global War On Terror has been a failure

So Libya, which hasn't been directly responsible for an act of terror  
in 19 years and which wants to trade with the EU, has done a mea culpa.  
  Short of that, given the definition of Terrorism (inciting fear to  
political effect) I think Americans are a lot more scared than ever  
before.  There's been no demonstrable decline in the threat, and  
Terrorist Number One is still hanging out in the desert somewhere  
sitting on billions of dollars.  I guess this is progress?

- The economy's a disaster

Hey, the Canadian Dollar has outperformed the US Dollar by 20% over the  
past 6 months, its value has returned to that which it held during the  
LAST Bush regime.  Next issue.

-  The administration is hiding terrible secrets

28 pages of the September 11 Commission report have been blacked out.   
And of course, there remain more questions than answers.  The Bush  
folks won't answer fundamental questions about why they never responded  
to the deluge of specific information, a casual inquiry into any of  
which could have led to a fundamental understanding of what was about  
to happen on 9/11.  So yeah, maybe they are.

I'm no Leftie, but I do know a journalistic hack when I read one.   
Ralph Peters is most definitely it.  Howard Dean is just asking  
questions.  So is the rest of the world.


On 7-Jan-04, at 7:00 AM, Owen Byrne wrote:

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> Then there are Dean's endless "Big Lies": Liberating 25 million Iraqis  
> was "wrong." Saddam's capture doesn't make any difference. Osama bin  
> Laden should be presumed innocent, despite his own admission of  
> responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. Bush knew in advance about the  
> 9/11 attacks. The Global War on Terror is a failure. The economy's a  
> disaster. And the administration is hiding terrible secrets.

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