Billionaires For Bush..

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Wed Jan 7 09:32:14 PST 2004

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> Everybody criticizes their critics.  Not everybody criticizes their 
> critics for the act of criticism, not all governments claim that the 
> government should be beyond reproach.

Yes, but who criticizes the critic's critics?   Can't
we just have one scapegoat and be done with it?

> MoveOn had a contest.  The group posted the entries to their web site, 
> per the contest rules.  There were more than 1,500 entries.  One of the 
> entries was portrayed by the other side as outside the bounds of 
> mainstream discourse.  It may well have been put in a way that wasn't 
> extreme or unhinged; the only thing most people know about it is that  
> the Bush campaign claims it is.

Oh please.  It was completely unoriginal content and should
be scorned as such.  I've seen the same exact approach for
LBJ, Feinstein, Reagan, etc.   A shadow of a shadow of
a shadow of creativity.  I would have done something
completely different(tm) and would have done some sort
of Mona Lisa Nixon java applet with Bush quoting Hitler
or vice versa (I'm amazed that there's people on this
list that don't know what it is--a true piece of Web history).

> Psht.  Common wisdom among Washington correspondents doesn't make it 
> so.  It's just as likely that voters want to see a vigorous fight 
> between people who mean what they say.

Yes, and chick fights are cool.  Grudge match between
Hillary and AnnC? Treason, Slander, High Crimes against
Living History, It Takes a Village, and Dear Socks, Dear


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