Billionaires For Bush..

Gordon Mohr gojomo at
Wed Jan 7 09:57:09 PST 2004

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> MoveOn had a contest.  The group posted the entries to their web site, 
> per the contest rules.  There were more than 1,500 entries.  One of the 
> entries was portrayed by the other side as outside the bounds of 
> mainstream discourse.  It may well have been put in a way that wasn't 
> extreme or unhinged; the only thing most people know about it is that  
> the Bush campaign claims it is.
> What about the submission itself?  Was it extreme or unhinged?  I 
> haven't seen it, all I know is that it made an allusion to the rise of 
> the Nazis in the 1930s. 

Why don't you check the source material? The RNC was apparently
so confident that people would have a negative reaction to it,
they hosted it for a while. (A perfectly fair thing to do, BTW.)

> Since the Bush administration has a flair for 
> authoritarianism and for international provocation, that's a good 
> comparison to make.

OK, then run with that. Every undecided or weakly-Bush-supporting
voter you can find, emphasize the "good comparison" that can
be made between the Bush administration and 1930s Nazis. Hammer
this point home at every opportunity. Remember, repetition is
the key to success. Please!

Criticism of the "Bush==Nazi" rhetoric is not censorship, it's
accurate feedback about what levels of hyperbole will and won't
fly. You, MoveOn, and others can ignore this feedback at your
own risk. Don't worry, though: the penalty for misjudging the
debate isn't legal persecution, just electoral defeat.

- Gordon

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