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Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
>So, we've optimized the Salmon producing process using the latest
>and greatest biotechnology.  What has it gotten us?  Let me recap:
>    o Farm salmon is grown off of overcrowded docks and wild salmon
>      is near extinct as a commercial venture
>    o They are hand fed with processed, vitamin enriched meal, like
>      chickens (ooo, tastes like chicken?)
>    o They are relatively tasteless (sort of like feeding an escargot
>       11 days of grain meal), their flesh is fatty and loose, their tone
>       is gray and companies have to die them with orange and pink
>       coloring to make them attractive to consumers.
     o They're fed antibiotics to combat infections brought about
       from the overcrowding, so we're getting a nice dose of
       those too

>Maybe in 10 years we'll all be eaty greasy, tastless, gray tofu.

I'm looking forward to the Soylent Green - tastes just like pork!

- --j.
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