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Thu Jan 8 08:16:34 PST 2004

At 1:56 PM -0500 1/7/04, Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:
>*  lots of units, cheap or
>*  relatively few units with large margins

Apple has *always* done the second.

That's why their market share has been puny. It's also how they fund their
R&D, though, but it's also why they discover markets and then have them
taken away by market predation and scavenging later on.

The cost of anything is the foregone alternative.

Apple is the cheetah of the hardware business. It's built to kill prey, but
not to defend a kill. The first lion (IBM-PC, Intel, Gates, Compaq, now
Dell) or hyena (open source and commodity hardware vendors; don't knock
hyenas, they work in decentralized groups, they kill more than lions do,
and they kill lions :-)) comes along, and there goes the springbok.

Live again to hunt another day, I suppose.


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