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John D. Mitchell johnm-fork at
Thu Jan 8 17:58:10 PST 2004

>>>>> "R" == R A Hettinga <rah at> writes:

> Apple has *always* done the second.

Well, no, not "always".  It's actually quite interesting (to me and the
various folks I was sitting with in Jobs' keynote on Tuesday) how the
Xserve and Xserve RAID pitches have a clear focus on price performance.

In terms of the iPod lines, it was pretty clear that Apple will be bringing
out a less-higher-end iPm unit and will roll out a revamped set of top-end
iPods over the rest of the year.  A takeaway from a number of us was that
Apple doesn't want to blow its wad just a couple times per year anymore and
that they will more and more have releases in between the big semi-annual

In terms of the usability, the iPm has, IMHO, much better control feel than
the current generation of regular iPods.  Alas, the smaller screen was a
serious squint job for another fellow (though the backlighting helped a

In terms of battery life, Apple says 8 hours but I'll believe that when I
see it.  Note also that while the iPm doesn't come with a dock that it
can supposedly charge via the USB and FW cables.  Even given that, for $250
I expect to get a dock.

Happy New Year,

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