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Dr. Robert J. Harley harley at
Sat Jan 10 11:57:54 PST 2004

The Wall Street Journal/Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom 2004:

       1 Hong Kong
       2 Singapore
       3 New Zealand
       4 Luxembourg
       5 Ireland
       6 Estonia
       7 United Kingdom
       8 Denmark
       9 Switzerland
      10 United States
      11 Australia
      12 Sweden
      13 Chile
      14 Finland
      15 Cyprus
      16 Canada

See e.g., The Washington Times:

or The Irish Times (subscription required)


Ireland's 12.5 per cent corporate rate "beats the EU average of 30 per
cent by a wide margin, and makes the Celtic Tiger a major draw for US
investment," wrote Ms Mary Anastasia O'Grady, one of the authors of
the annual index which was published yesterday.


The index noted that Ireland is a "modern, highly industrialized
economy" that has grown by 80 per cent in real terms over the past
decade and now has GDP per capita 122 per cent of the EU average.
"Ireland has one of the world's most pro-business environments,
especially for foreign businesses and foreign investment," it said.



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