Those who don't learn from history...

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Sun Jan 11 11:35:16 PST 2004

So it should be becoming crystal clear to any self-respecting 
"conservative" of almost any flavor (and lump libs and 
anarcho-capitalists in that bucket) that Bush, ain't.  This whole 
immigration flap has me LMFAO.  This most recent attempt at 
"strategery" (*cough*, pandering) sure isn't even playing well with the 
partisan cheerleader base (listen to more AM talk radio) and, as 
pointed out on kuro5hin, is so egregious and transparent that it's 
unlikely to even play w/ the target audience:



The question arises: will this really be the windfall the Bush team 
obviously expects? The answer, clearly, is that it will not. First and 
foremost, illegal immigrants can not now, and will not in 2004, be able 
to vote (legally). Therefore, this plan assumes that the general 
Hispanic community welcomes such a plan. History suggests otherwise: in 
the 2003 recall election, Davis' support decreased with the passing of 
SB 60, a California senate bill that granted a driver license to anyone 
and everyone who could produce a single form of government 
identification, regardless of the nation of origin. The passage of the 
bill saw opposition rise not only in the traditional conservative 
Republican ranks, in the form of groups that sought — and in hindsight, 
likely would have been able — to defeat the bill by referendum, but 
also by grassroots Hispanic groups that felt the bill delegitimized 
their own legal entry into the nation. Indeed, by granting legal status 
to those who had bypassed the legal system, SB 60 insulted and 
consequently alienated the legal Hispanic voters that it was designed 
to court.


Way to win an election, Dub:  force defections or "stay-at-homes" among 
the base that couldn't even get you *properly* elected last time, while 
turning off a part of the "trending" new base that all your pundits say 
is a new source of GOP strength.

Myself?  Opposed to further legal immigration in principle.  However, 
given the possibility of looming 50%+ top marginal tax rates to pay for 
Mad George's going-out-of-business giveaways, the imminent retirement 
of the Worst Generation, and all the chotchkas and gimmes we're going 
to be giving them --- I say we need to swell the tax rolls.  Whatever 
it takes, I suppose...

You heard it here first:  this is the year the Psuedo-con / Bush Bubble 
--- as thin, noisy, baseless, and unsustainable as the Tech Bubble --- 
pops.  The stench of desperation on the part of the faux-GOP is so 
noisome that it's becoming hard to breath, and this stench is being 
propagated far and wide by the spasmodic and ideologically-scattershot 
maneuvers of this, *cough*, administration.  The *Republican* party is 
itself about to implode.  And good riddance --- maybe after this one it 
can shrug off the baggage of the gangsta-corporatocrats and oligarchs 
(read:  Bush crime family), the Machiavellian neocons / hawks, and the 
fundies, and get back to basics:  sound fiscal policies, *real* tax 
cutting coupled with limited spending, the Constitution, and 
ever-shrinking government.

Place your bets...


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