Inpenetrable, useless customer support: eBay is lame

Stephen D. Williams sdw at
Tue Jan 13 12:15:36 PST 2004

I've run my own email server with my own domain since 1992, with the 
same email address.  I've help setup ISPs, corporate servers, firewalls, 
large email gateways, etc.  I know a little about Internet email.

So, for a variety of reasons I think, you know, I need to reactivate my 
long dormant eBay account.  There's one small problem: their automated 
applications for password reset (or MS Passport verification), and 
probably things like auction update notification, are not able to 
successfully send me email.  I'm looking directly at my Postfix logs, 
their server doesn't even try to connect.  Probably it's something 
simple to fix, maybe my server is even on a spam host list (erroneously) 
that I don't know about.  Only someone looking at their systems will be 
able to find out.

Their customer support system can send acknowledgements (providing that 
email from * reaches my server just fine), but all I get are 
lame, shallow, front-line responses, mostly offering to reset my 
password again.  I specifically state that the standard newbie response 
isn't going to work and that they need to forward a request to tech 
support.  "Your password has been reset, bla bla".  I tracked down a 
phone number and used the live web help, all with the same result 
really.  The CSRs don't seem to have the ability to escalate anything, 
have a supervisor "no one is available", or have any other avenues.  It 
is essentially suggested that "next time they'll really pay attention", 
just wait 24 hours...

This is of couse what lack of real competition gets you, not to mention 
that everyone who knew anything probably cashed out and retired long 
ago.  The lack of customer and technical support is offensive in some 

ebay is now officially lame.

When I have more time to waste, maybe I'll use LinkedIn to see who I 
know that knows someone at eBay.  Or maybe I'll just try FoRK! ;-)  Arghh...


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