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 "I think your whole premise that they "let it happen" for political gain is
ridiculous if not offensive."

sorry - did i say that?  i don't think i did.  the most i've ever suggested
is that "it happening" was convenient to an admin that is blinded by its
ideology and its desire to change the status quo of the world from one that
tolerates rogue nations to one that doesn't.  in rhetoric repetitious this
admin used 9/11 to advance its rationale for making that change. it's a
science-free rationale - no wmd - but what the heck.

i - and probably a majority of americans by now, not to mention a majority
of europeans for sure - find this administration's unilateral activities
offensive.  and we've a much higher threshold for offense, not to mention
for proof and for justification.

your characterization of me sucks: i'm not jubilant when bad things happen,
political or otherwise.  i don't know what the root of that belief is, but
it's not my problem to fix.  it's just another distraction.


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Geege wrote:
> i'm sure i have comprehension skills, too.

I had a friend once that rented a house high above the hills
in Palo Alto.  We used to sit on his back porch in the mornings
drinking caballeros, espresso with a shot of brandy, to take
off the chill and get out blood moving before sneaking down
the back side of the hills to suit up in our thick wetsuits
and go surfing in half  moon bay or santa cruz.

He was renting as I'm sure whoever owned it could never
sell the house after the 1989 earthquake.   The San Andreas
Fault trail ran less than 200 feet off of where we sated.
The trail was nothing special other than it
seemed to be a ravine in someplaces, a stretch of flat in
others.  There was no evidence of any violence and in fact
the trail was quite the opposite--a small piece of flatness
juxtaposed to dense trees and steep bluffs.   Rounding one
of the corners in one particularly dense area, there was a huge
hollow between the trees.  It was pretty visually stunning in
that all the other trees around this bright sunny spot seemed
to be runted and bowing down to nothing in particular.  My
friend's comment was, there must have been one big mother
f--ing tree that used to be there.  It must have sucked up
all the sunlight an ground nutrients away from all the others
competing for it.  I think it's equally important
to look at what's there as well as what isn't.

You posted your URL without any context other than a
presumption that I'd find something to disagree about with it.
When I made a good faith effort to take a look, there wasn't
any information on the page you were pointing to other than
60 other URLs.  Was there something specific at that
site that triggered your post?  Was there something specific
to me that you wanted to point out on a public list rather
than sending me a personal email?

When I started reading some of the URLs, it looked like someone
did a good bit of research.  I think understanding what happened
as well as what didn't happen is important to not letting something
like 9-11 happen again.  Are you trying to imply that someone might want
something like that to happend again?  I think your whole
premise that they "let it happen" for political gain is
ridiculous if not offensive.


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