Bin Laden Comes Clean, War On Terror Continues

Greg Bolcer gbolcer at
Thu Jan 15 07:26:44 PST 2004

There's your fallacy right there Owen.   The war on Iraq was
to prevent another 9-11, not in retaliation to the world trade center one.  
According to the Bush I & II, and Clinton administrations and the
United Nations Security Council resolutions, it was provoked and
justified, or don't you guys get news up there?  Try the New York
Times, the Atlantic Monthly, the Washington Post, even FoRK's
favorite periodical the Economist.   There's some
really good material on it if you want to dig a little deeper past your
intial "all war is bad" stance. 

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	Gordon Mohr wrote:
	> Osama is just an imaginary creature like the Tooth Fairy, hee hee.
	> Al Qaeda's attacks and plans were just bedtime scary stories, ha ha.
	> I suppose the 3,000 people who "died" will be emerging any moment
	> now to rib us about their elaborate prank, ho ho.
	> You crack me up.
	> - Gordon
	I think any sympathy the US had was "Shocked and Awed" - sorry but an
	unprovoked war trumps an
	unprovoked terrorist attack. George Bush transformed Al Qaeda - they're
	heroes now.
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