Bin Laden Comes Clean, War On Terror Continues

Gordon Mohr gojomo at
Thu Jan 15 10:44:38 PST 2004

Lucas Gonze wrote:
> There's no need to sweep those real deaths, that real tragedy, under the 
> rug in order to not buy the Bush version of events.  Those people died, 
> and they died horribly.  That doesn't mean that Osama bin Laden is a 
> real threat.  

Who do you think carried off the attacks? I think it was Bin Laden's
group. There are other groups that wish they could have done so, and
would if they could. That makes Bin Laden's group (and similar groups)
a real threat of similar attacks until they are neutralized.

 > The question is how can we best defend ourselves.

Agreed, and it's a serious question. Suicide-attack terrorists
are not imaginary boogeymen who will can defeated by ignoring

> Let me say, also, that claiming the victims of 9/11 for the cause of 
> right wing politics is a shameful thing.

No one can "claim" them. But the "cause" the memory of that event should
advance is seriousness -- even as the march of time makes it easier and
easier to blur the event into a hazy myth.

- Gordon

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