Bin Laden Comes Clean, War On Terror Continues

Lucas Gonze lgonze at
Thu Jan 15 11:08:57 PST 2004

On Thursday, Jan 15, 2004, at 13:44 America/New_York, Gordon Mohr wrote:

> Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> There's no need to sweep those real deaths, that real tragedy, under 
>> the rug in order to not buy the Bush version of events.  Those people 
>> died, and they died horribly.  That doesn't mean that Osama bin Laden 
>> is a real threat.
> Who do you think carried off the attacks? I think it was Bin Laden's
> group. There are other groups that wish they could have done so, and
> would if they could. That makes Bin Laden's group (and similar groups)
> a real threat of similar attacks until they are neutralized.

I don't think there's any credible counter-evidence that Al Quaeda 
didn't do it.  But that doesn't mean that Al Quaeda still matters.  In 
fact I don't think they are the biggest threat.  The biggest threat is 
our own stupid blundering in the Middle East, making every enemy we can 
and pissing off every potential ally.  What were we thinking when we 
made the democrats in Turkey look bad?  What good did it do to cozy up 
to the nutballs in Israel instead of the sane folks?

By the way, calling this "Bin Laden" and "Saddam" obscures the issues.  
The news media needs a clean narrative, so they have to personify 
events, but the real action is about masses of people, 
tribes/nations/cultures, not those two guys.  We didn't invade Saddam, 
we invaded Iraq.  Bin Laden didn't kill 3,000 Bush's, he killed 3,000 

> > The question is how can we best defend ourselves.
> Agreed, and it's a serious question. Suicide-attack terrorists
> are not imaginary boogeymen who will can defeated by ignoring
> them.

Terrorists do little physical damage and lot of mental damage.  That's 
why they're "terror"-ists.  Of course bogeymen are important tools for 
both sides.  The physical damage is spread out, less visible, but much 
more important.  How many Americans died fighting in Iraq?  Did the WTC 
lead to worse health care?  More drug addiction?  Those are the things 
that matter.

>> Let me say, also, that claiming the victims of 9/11 for the cause of 
>> right wing politics is a shameful thing.
> No one can "claim" them. But the "cause" the memory of that event 
> should
> advance is seriousness -- even as the march of time makes it easier and
> easier to blur the event into a hazy myth.

They died for somebody else's cause already.  And they were not 
Republicans, so don't make them get drafted twice.  Let them have 

Whatever the cause is, it doesn't include members of the living 
grubbing all over those poor people.

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