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Thu Jan 15 11:43:54 PST 2004

Joseph S. Barrera III:
>They are so low because the taxes are so low compared to Europe.

It's more a fee than a tax, since it goes
to pay for the roads, and you can avoid
it fully by not driving on the roads. The
fee isn't enough to pay for the roads,
of course, so most cities must dedicate
a portion of their budget to road bonds,
road maintenance, etc. This subsidy is
paid from real taxes -- income, sales, and
property -- unrelated to road use. Were
I Benevolent Dictator of the US, roads
would be managed by private or quasi-
governmental corporations, and their
costs would have to be FULLY borne
by driving related fees. That would
go into place right after I eliminate
agricultural subsidy, and just before I
eliminate most other subsidies. In the
end, I would eliminate the income tax.

Needless to say, I'm not electable. ;-)

BTW, you can buy diesel without paying
the fuel fee, for use in farm equipment,
as heating oil, and for other non-road
uses. It's colored pink, to mark it for
that use. The fact that the fee is
attached to the fuel's use pretty clearly
differentiates between a fee and a tax.

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