Perspective, priority

jbone at jbone at
Fri Jan 16 01:18:44 PST 2004

An unpleasant figment of my imagination who refuses to let me refer to 
hir (*cough*) by name sayz:

> Osama is just an imaginary creature like the Tooth Fairy, hee hee.
> Al Qaeda's attacks and plans were just bedtime scary stories, ha ha.
> I suppose the 3,000 people who "died" will be emerging any moment
> now to rib us about their elaborate prank, ho ho.
> You crack me up.

Earthquakes kill more people per annum than have been killed by 
terrorist acts in the entire history of the world.  Where is the "War 
on Earthquakes?"

A certain pro forma sarcasm betrays a certain thin skin and lack of 
humor that says a lot.


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