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too bad most of us living in most us cities have no alternative in PUBLIC
TRANSPORTATION, as do europeans.  we're by necessity tied to our cars.

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On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 12:07:07PM -0500, Lucas Gonze wrote:

> >Don't be silly. Diesel is 3.3 EUR/gallon now, and gas something like 5
> >EUR/gallon. It is cheap, at least compared to insurance and tax.
> Not sure what argument you're making, Eugen.

That your fossil and energy prices in general are cheap cheap cheap.
I don't know how this price is shaped, but I strongly suspect hidden
Power coming out of barrels of crude, or was it the other way round?

> Yes, gas prices in europe are higher, like they always have been.  In

Doesn't this make you wonder? My current car, an old Benz clunker, burns
some 6-7
l diesel/100 km. I spend about an hour/day on the road, I pay about 50
EUR/month for fuel. There are cars which burn half that, and have less taxes
due to being in a better exhaust class.

God, you people have it soft. I remember those uninsulated wooden cardbord
houses in Cali, air conditioning running at full steam, where I drove a big
red F250 (and paid for an San Bernardino
- L.A. roundtrip what I'm currently paying for an entire month).

> the US gas prices averaging $1.75 are *very* high.  Before the past few
> years I had only seen prices this high for short periods.  Prices
> spiked after 9/11 and never went down.

Well, get used to it. I should start looking for cheap land, maybe with some
hydro on it.

> Hmm, follow me for a minute here.  The present administration is in bed
> with the oil industry.  Gas prices are strikingly high, but are not a

ShrubCos are in bed with anybody throwing cash their way. They're not at all
trying to hide it.

> topic on talk radio.  There's no explanation with enough consensus
> behind it to show up in a few minutes of Googling.

Given that Halliburton's importing oil into Iraq at about twice the market
price, doesn't this mean that Iraq's output is currently very close to zero?

Fancy that, after a war...

> Manufactured crisis #2, anybody?  Fastow got ten years yesterday...

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