Bin Laden Comes Clean, War On Terror Continues

Geege geege at
Fri Jan 16 05:22:07 PST 2004

ian andrew bell wrote: "I can't believe an intelligent person like Greg
would defend this..."

i can't either. i blame it on his geography.

Whoa, nelly!

Respectfully, this is not a case of us looking back on something 200
years later with fundamentally different world views.  If anything
changes as a result of all of the warmongering, Americans will awaken
to their rightful position and responsibilities on the world stage and
vote accordingly but that has yet to come to pass (as you exemplify).

This is within months of the evident decision to invade Iraq.  There's
been no time for (and, from the Bush administration, no clear effort
toward) retrospective.  If the Bush administration isn't at least 9-12
months ahead of the rest of us in terms of their intelligence and view
unto the world, then what the fuck are they spending all that money on
the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, and whatever else for?

I can't believe an intelligent person like Greg would defend this...


On 15-Jan-04, at 8:01 AM, Greg Bolcer wrote:

> So, I'm willing to agree that in retrospect
> that Iraq may have not been the imminent threat at the time of the war,
> but isn't that like holding Jefferson as a racist because he owned
> slaves
> and according to 1990's standards, all slaveowners are bad?

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